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We started Media+ TV Streams to provide affordable Live TV streaming services that large TV providers do not offer. In today's home entertainment, we feel that it is ridiculous to pay near $200 a month for cable and satellite services. Yes! These companies lure the consumers into their cheap promotional packages, but after one year, the consumers bill skyrockets. We are a firm believer that we want our customers to get all the entertainment they want, at a price that's not ridiculous. So we found the best IPTV available at a price that's affordable. If you think $20 a month is fair for live tv, premium channels, sports packages, pay-per-view events and a video on demand, then give Media+ TV Streams a try. We provide thousands of channels from the US and around the world, including Spanish-language. There’s no contract, no set-up fee, no credit check and in the event you are not happy, no cancellation fee. We are the future of home entertainment!



IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. In its broadest definition, IPTV is just another way of describing TV that’s streamed over the internet, versus through cables or satellites. That includes everything from the live stream on HBO’s website, to videos on YouTube.

Within that broad definition is the IPTV that most cord-cutters and TV fans are interested in — IPTV services that give subscribers access to hundreds, or even thousands, of popular TV channels for a very cheap monthly fee. There are now dozens of IPTV providers offering users a TV experience that looks and feels very much like traditional cable or satellite at a tiny fraction of the cost.


It features over 1000 channels — including all the best US network and cable channels. Subscribers pay a few dollars a month to watch virtually any channel out there. Users can watch IPTV on a variety of devices, but the most popular way to stream IPTV is with a special IPTV boxes aslo known as "MAG boxes" or Android TV boxes. Mag and Android tv boxes remove a lot of the hassle of set-up, and stream content directly onto your nice big living room TV set. Many IPTV users also stream content on KODI.The user experience with IPTV isn’t as slick as with a cable subscription — but it’s extremely close. Certainly close enough to be well worth the vast price difference. In fact, it’s the user-friendly interface, good enough to make people feel like they’re watching cable TV, that has made IPTV so popular. What’s more, the experience is far more reliable and convenient than using free platforms like torrenting or Kodi — prompting frustrated users to shell out a few bucks in exchange for a better service. IPTV channels include live TV, live sports, and movies. Channels are presented in a familiar EPG (Electronic Program Guide) format, which makes it fast and easy to switch channels.


There are several factors that will play a role in your streaming experience:

1. Your device. (Firesticks are not optimal but can work)
2. Your internet speed (least recommended speed is 20mb/s)
3. Your setup (wired/Hardwired and of course user maintenance)
4. A VPN (No VPN are allowed with pur service and will only cause problems)

Pros/Cons At the end of the day no IPTV service will be perfect. Channels will go down due to maintenance or server issues. You just have to always keep in mind what you are getting vs what you are paying. If your looking for cable tv type perfection you might want to just stick with your over priced cable tv. Also keep in mind that 2 PPV events watched on our service will pay for the entire year!!


As stated, the term IPTV is very broad. There are lots of completely legal IPTV streams, like the live streams on TV network websites. There are also many legitimate IPTV services, such as USTVNow or streaming services like Sling TV or fuboTV AND OUR TV SERVICE. TRY IT OUT!

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Media Plus Streams


Enjoy all our your favorite channels on a month-to-month plan.


One flat quarterly payment, enjoy three months of endless TV channels.


One flat yearly payment, enjoy 12 months of endless TV channels.

Enjoy live TV anytime anywhere!

Watching TV from your own living room is a thing of the past. Whether you are traveling or at a coffee shop, you can use you laptop, tablet, or smartphone to enjoy live shows. The benefits of live TV streaming are most appreciated when you are away from home.

You have access to many channels, on many devices!

You get direct access to numerous local, national and international channels. This benefits you as a customer because you able to stay informed with everything going on around the world and enjoy movie, sports, weather, and travel channels from all over the world.


Within one year, you pay a total of $260. That is $1000 less that you would pay if you had cable or satellite service. There no cancellation and hiddens fees.